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15 + 7 Places to Learn Classical Arabic Online

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we list over 20 resources to learn Arabic and Qur'an online

Education has traditionally been limited only within the boundaries of the school or college building. But with the advancement in technology and development in new means of communication, the spectrum of imparting quality education has also broadened. The internet has resulted in a boom of what is known as the online school of education, where students no longer need to be physically present at the educational center to learn, but can learn from home, devoid of any location barrier.

An online school is often opted for by students to acquire knowledge on various subjects, be it science, management studies and even languages ranging from as common as English or French to even sacred ones like Sanskrit and classical Arabic. The schools teaching the subject of classical Arabic teaches basic Arabic, dealing with the verb conjugation and grammar involved in the subject. In addition, the students are taught about the word pattern as well as the various word forms. The students get to know all such from online Acrobat PDF files which may be downloaded for further reference and learning. Some schools also provide with audio recordings which can also be downloaded along with the text matter.

There are numerous schools, institutes, and organizations which impart the knowledge of classical Arabic via the internet to students. We’ve listed some below. Since online schools that teach Arabic are so rare, we’ve thrown in some other resources and offline universities, too.

Online Schools

  1. Shariahprogram.ca – Master the Arabic language at this online school through Shariah Program’s Arabic Language Courses.
  2. Arabacademy.com – Learn Arabic at online school or on site at the Arab Academy!

Other Resources

  1. SacredLearning.org – Learn fundamentals of classical Arabic at this online school.
  2. dalilusa.com is another well known online school in the United States. Over here, the students have a choice of learning either classical or colloquial Arabic. But a student opting for Colloquial Arabic is expected to be familiar with classical Arabic as well.
  3. Language Study Programs is another online school which provides with specialized online courses in classical Arabic. Hosted by the Yemen Institute for Arabic language, this program is open to students of all countries. The course is taught in different languages, namely English, Arabic, French and German, for better understanding of the students.
  4. The Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center hosts an online school via which it imparts quality education in the subject of classical Arabic. This educational institute is known for conducting customized language classes in Los Angeles. Though the course is also available as a regular course in its center at Toronto, the distance education course offered via the internet attracts a large number of students from across the globe.
  5. Learn Arabic Online for FREE: An online School for learning Arabic. It boasts a 9-month program to rule any university-level program.
  6. Eaalim.com: Learn Arabic, Quran from this online resource.
  7. Madinaharabic.com Arabic Language Course: Online school providing free Arabic language classes. They follow after the three books used in Medina University.
  8. WorldLanguage.com: Online school catering to many languages, including Arabic.
  9. Class.uh.edu: You can learn Arabic online from this school.
  10. Freelanguage.org: Take your first step to learn Arabic from here.
  11. Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University: Visit us now to enroll in our online school.
  12. Shariahprogram.ca: Online school on Arabic courses.
  13. Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies: Online school inviting you to learn Arabic.

Offline Schools

  1. Pacificarabic.com – Pacific Arabic language school offers small interactive classes to learn Arabic.
  2. Preston.ae – Short courses on Arabic for non-native speakers offered at Preston University Ajman
  3. Alif-fes.com – The Arabic Language Institute in Fez (ALIF) offers courses in Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Moroccan Arabic
  4. Ibnjabal.com – Ibn Jabal Institute offers Intensive Arabic language courses in the UK and abroad.
  5. 4uarabicschool.com – Visit this online school to learn Arabic while living in Cairo, Egypt.
  6. Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University – Visit us now to enroll in our online school.
  7. Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies – QIAS provides opportunities to learn Modern Standard Arabic (Fusha) to students world-wide through both our on-site and distance learning programs through our online school..
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15 + 7 Places to Learn Classical Arabic Online, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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  2. what about mentioning online quran in urdu teaching institute as well and tafseer teaching institute as well it will help people a lot