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Second Life: A Virtual Education Platform

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second life is a useful online learning tool

Is your online school a part of Second Life’s virtual world? Second life is a platform for virtual study. It is perfect for any online school as it gives the students a chance to truly play an active part in their education. An online school will use Second Life as a virtual classroom as do many other major universities and colleges all over the world.

What Does It Do?

What Second Life strives to do is help provide useful resources for universities, colleges, and many other educators like your online school. On the site educators and students will find a wide range of links to online resources for Second Life, as well as a list of other virtual worlds. And all that happens at Second Life is documented so that other educators and students can benefit. In fact, these case studies are extremely beneficial to virtual education as it gives extensive insight into how this type of teaching works.
Furthermore, this platform will give an online school a distinct advantage over offline schools and universities that do not partake in this virtual world.

  • This platform will draw in more students to any online school simply because it is already a well known platform for other avenues like multi-player online games, current 3D worlds, and more.
  • Any online school student would benefit from this type of learning because more and more businesses are taking advantage of what Second Life and other virtual worlds have to offer.
  • Second Life brings experiences to an online school that normally would not be attainable. For example, architecture students can create 3D buildings alongside other students in a virtual town, or art students get to plan out and design their own art exhibits.

Second Life will bring you and other students at your online school together in order to learn, play, mix amongst each other, and to do any other activities that you would normally do if you were at an offline school. This includes administrative services and the like, and it is all done on a platform that is all made and owned by users. And what makes this so perfect for every online school and any offline school is that this platform provides all the tools needed to create this world.

Live a Virtual School Life

From building your own online school building to creating your avatar, the future of your virtual online school is in the hands of the students and educators. It’s really amazing what can be done. Just imagine driving up to your virtual online school in your virtual sports car, or sitting in a virtual outside oasis while you attend your art class. This platform will give students and educators alike a profound experience that sets the stage for a new style of learning. In essence, it brings a whole new meaning to attending an online school.

How It’s Used

Second Life is used is by educators and students to partake in Distance and Flexible Education, Historical Recreations, Multimedia and Games Design, Presentations and discussion, Language Learning practices, and so much more.
These unique and amazing 3D virtual worlds offer opportunities to get more out of your online school education. Rather than simply sit and type in a detached one or two-dimensional setting you can be fully immersed in a virtual world that gives you three dimensional experiences. This type of learning goes back to the fundamentals of learning where sensory experience is the essential building block needed in order to cement ideas, practices, and everything else that goes into really learning. Second Life will enable an online school to give its students the chance to really become a part of their own learning by taking a truly active role.

Educational Uses

Here is a list of some of the educational uses already in practice:

  • Artificial Intelligence Projects
  • Computer Programming
  • Displays and Exhibits
  • Interior Design
  • Real Estate Practice

Universities That use Second Life

Below is a list of some universities that use second life in their educational curriculum.

  • University of Houston – College of Architecture
  • Harvard University
  • Indiana University
  • Ithaca College – Roy H. Park School of Communication
  • Leeds College of Art and Design
  • Mohawk College
  • Monroe College
  • Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
  • Princeton

Does your online education program use Second Life? If so, how did it turn out for you? Drop us a comment and share your experiences.

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Second Life: A Virtual Education Platform, 8.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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