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TDSB e-Learning: Online High School Courses Accredited in Ontario

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TDSB offers online high school courses accredited in Ontario!

Note: We don’t work for the TDSB! If you have any questions about their program, you’d be better off emailing or calling them to ask. We don’t know much more than what we’ve presented here.

Toronto District School Board and e-Learning

Are you interested in attending an online school in Canada? Attending an online school is quickly becoming the wave of the future, and many districts are finally catching on to this fact. A great example of this is the Toronto District School Board. Here is some information about their program and how it can benefit students.

TDSB is ranked as the fourth largest school board in North America. This board of education covers almost 600 schools and they serve over 250,000 students every year. And because the Toronto District School Board understands the needs of it students to be prepared for the future they now offer online courses at a highschool level through their e-Learning site. Furthermore, not only is an online setting important for future educational purposes but for business practices as well. This is because many businesses are now offering further education and training via an online platform.

When and How?

TDSB offered their eLearning credit courses since September 2009. What they offer is the chance for students and teachers alike to have collaborative and independent learning opportunities in an online classroom. Furthermore, all classroom courses will be provided by the Ministry of Education through e-Learning Ontario.

Here is a list of what their courses will entail.

  • All courses will be taught by TDSB secondary school teachers
  • These courses will be will be a part of the student’s timetable
  • Students will be able to see these courses on their transcript when they have completed them
  • All courses will be compliant with both the TDSB and the Ministry expectations and policies

Benefits of e-Learning in an Online School

There are literally tons of benefits to an online program such as this. From students being able to partake in classes that would not normally be available to them to students being able to learn in a totally new environment, this online school education will bring participants to a whole new level of learning. Here are a two more benefits of this virtual education.

  • Utilizes current technologies to bring both current and accurate information to students
  • Allows for the opportunity to resolve any timetable conflicts because it will increase opportunities

Is an Online School Atmosphere for You?

While attending distance education classes is an amazing experience, it may not be for every type of student. Here is a list of qualifications that an e-Learning student may possess. A typical e-Learning student should be:

  • Self motivated and self directed in that they can effectively organize their time without direct supervision
  • Comfortable using computer technology
  • Able to work independently
  • Have access to a computer and the internet

Furthermore, one of the main requirements of students in such a setting would be that they spend just as much time attending the online school courses as they would in a normal offline school setting.

If you need Ontario-recognized high school credits from an online school, and you think this sounds right for you, check their e-Learning registration page.

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TDSB e-Learning: Online High School Courses Accredited in Ontario, 7.3 out of 10 based on 22 ratings
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Rating: 7.3/10 (22 votes cast)


  1. How can an adult student take 3 credits in order to complete their highschool diploma? Can it be completed through e learning? Please advise. Thank you.

  2. The best thing to do is talk to TDSB and see. Maybe they will offer those three credits through their online courses.

  3. I am interested in doing voice-over work for the e-learning program. Could someone get back to me about how I can do this? Who do I contact? I am already an employee of the TDSB.

    Much thanks,

    Anita Advani

  4. If you’re an employee of TDSB, you’re better off then us! We’re just some outsiders interested in TDSB’s program. If you do find out, however, please do post a comment to let us know.

  5. Is It possible for a student who just graduated high scholl who is planning to take a year off enrol for a couple of courses?

  6. @uju if it’s just for your own knowledge, I’m sure that they’ll let you take courses. I’m not sure why you’d want to, though, if you’re graduated.

  7. Hi, I’d like to know the maximum number of courses one can take for a regular semester. I keep finding information for Summer Virtual classes, but I’m interested in doing online courses for a regular semester.

  8. is it possible for a high school graduated student to take e-learning classes to improve the average??

  9. @aru it might be, if the university or whomever you want to show the grades to, accepts it from e-learning. Ask them first!

  10. is it like a regular school course, so you have to be online at the same time every school day ?

  11. @Ngodup I’m not sure, I never enrolled myself.

  12. The people allowed to take an e-learning course are the people currently enrolled in the TDSB system at a regular day school right?

  13. @Rodney I believe so. The best way to confirm would be to call them and ask.

  14. I need another 8 credists to graduate, but i think virtual school is the only way i can finish, where can i register to this virtual school? i didnt see the website

  15. How do you log into e learning online? What is your username and password, I tried entering my student number, and password and it said it was invalid.

  16. hey i’ want to know….is e learning free?? or do we have to pay for it ??

  17. I am planning to take summer school to get credits for gr 10 (currently in gr 9), i was wondering if that is possible and how much it will cost (if there is a fee)… Someone pls advise. Thank you.

  18. what is maximum courses can I take in 1 semester?

  19. How do I sign up for elearning?

  20. I am a Peel District students and already enroll in adult day school. unfortunately, the registration for online school at peel is closed and reopens on september.
    now, i need to take an online course to upgrade and meet the university’s requirements. but can i ( me as an adult who is out of TDSB area) take online courses in TDSB ? if yes how?
    if no then what are my options for taking ONLINE courses????

  21. Hi, i want to enroll in online e learning (virtual) courses. I’d like to know how i cant do this at this moment. Unfortunatly school has ended (not so unfortunate), which means i cannot contact a guidance councelor to enroll me. I have 4 more courses which i need to complete in order for me to get my High School Diploma, so this needs to be done asap!
    Thanks, Cheers

  22. Hi, I am a mother of a 17 yr old in which does not have a high school as he was expelled last year from Ajax High. He is no very interested in getting and completing his high school courses. How do i go about setting him up to get credits on-line..

    Please advise

    Thank-you Lee-Ann

  23. Hi, I want to do online courses now while I’m in high school. I want to graduate this year so I need one more credit, so could I do it online so I could catch up and graduate?
    If so please contact me at alosh.maty@hotmail.com or alineshirinian_7@hotmail.com

    Thanks :)